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Kartchner Caverns State Park - 29 miles

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Located on a high Chihuahuan desert knoll, Tombstone lies just north and east below the Tombstone hills. At an elevation 4,526 feet above sea level, Tombstone boasts one of Arizona’s best climates.

Tombstone is normally dry and sunny most of the year but can receive showers most any time of the year. Typically, Tombstone receives about 14 inches of precipitation a year during two different periods, the summer monsoons (mid June–early September) and winter rains/snow (Decmber–mid March). One to three inch snow accumulations are typical for winter months; but rain is the more likely. It is best when visiting Arizona any time of the year to plan for any weather event.

Wear clothing that can be layered and medium-weight jackets and umbrellas will help save any outing. Tombstone’s average yearly daily low is 49.6 degrees and average high is 78.5 degrees. The hottest month is June at 94.7 degrees average and the coldest month is January with 33.6 degrees average.  

Below is a listing of average daily temperatures and monthly precipitation:

Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park
Average Daily Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit)
& Monthly Precipitation (Inches)
Month Temperature Precipitation
High Low
January 60° F 36° F 1.03"
February 64° 39° 0.74"
March 69° 42° 0.71"
April 77° 47° 0.24"
May 85° 55° 0.27"
June 95° 63° 0.62"
July 93° 67° 2.82"
August 90° 65° 3.07"
September 88° 61° 1.54"
October 78° 52° 1.29"
November 68° 43° 0.69"
December 60° 37° 1.08"


Tombstone Information

Tombstone Chamber of Commerce
Official website of the Chamber of Commerce. For more information call (888) 457-3929 or (520) 457-9317

A Few of the Many Places to Visit in Tombstone Arizona

Bird Cage Theater
Located at 6th and Allen streets this original last of the red-light theaters opened it doors in Dec of 1881. Relive the seedy world of hard rock miners during their off hours. Open daily 8 am to 6 pm.

Boothill Cemetery
Laid out in 1879 with by the Tombstone Townsite Company, this original graveyard is just off Hwy 80 west, where many of Tombstone denizens, were laid to rest. Open Daily 7:30 am to 6 pm.

O.K. Corral and Historama
The site of the west’s most famous gun battle located on Allen between 3rd and 4th streets, was once a stable and tack shop. Rebuilt in the early 1950’s the building and grounds look much the same as it did in 1881. Open Daily
9 am to 5 pm.

Pioneer Home
The only surviving original homestead of a Cornish miner and his family complete with all of the family’s original furnishings and personal effects. Located on Hwy 80 west between 8th and 9th streets, by appointment only

Rose Tree Inn
Originally built in 1881 for the offices of the Vizina Mining Co, it became an inn in 1885. The world’s largest rose bush grows in the courtyard Located at 4th and Toughnut Streets. Open Daily 9 am to 5 pm.

Tombstone Epitaph
John Clum once said “no tombstone is complete without its Epitaph. John Clum founded the Tombstone Epitaph and became the 1st City Mayor in 1881.

Crystal Palace Saloon
Last of the original drinking halls in Tombstone, it was first built first as a brewery in 1879. the saloon rebuilt after each fire and has been meticulously restored to its 1881 appearance. Open daily.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
The oldest Protestant church in Arizona standing on its original sight used for its original purpose. Open daily corner of Safford & 3rd.